1. That office view. #newyork #worldtradecenter #nighttime #fall #pumpkinspice ?


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    You cannot be racist to white people

    just like you can’t fire your boss

    because you don’t have that power

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    Deconstructing Masculinity & Manhood with Michael Kimmel @ Dartmouth College


    You know what I like, and feel is so important? That he doesn’t say “Men thinks those are THEIR positions”. He says “We think those are OUR positions.”

    As a male feminist, he still doesn’t exclude himself from the group of men.

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  4. Foley Square, New York. #nofilter #newyork

  5. Looking north from W29 St. #Chelsea #latergram #nofilter

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    Ryan DonatoUntitled, 2014. Oil on canvas, 18” x 24”.

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    Roxy Paine

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    corey cavagnolo, drawing.

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    Agnieszka Kurant - Air Rights 1 (detail), 2014

    powdered stone, foam, wood, electromagnets, custom pedestal

    meteorite: 4 x 6 x 5 1/2 inches (10.2 x 15.2 x 14 cm) pedestal: 59 1/4 x 9 x 9 inches (150.5 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm) 

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  12. Exhibition view of "Mark di Suvero: Luney Breakout," 2014. ©Mark di Suvero. Photo by Steven Probert. Courtesy of Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.
    Deborah Butterfield, "Josephson," 2013, unique cast bronze with patina. Courtesy of Danese/Corey, New York.
    Michael DeLucia, "The Motion of the Ocean," 2014, high pressure laminate on plywood. ©Michael DeLucia. Courtesy of Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco.
    Walead Beshty, "Reception 4," 2014, polished copper table top and powder-coated steel. Courtesy of Petzel Gallery, New York.
    Efrain Almeida, "Observador olhando para Baixo," 2014, umburana (wood) and oil. Courtesy of CRG Gallery, New York.
    Derrick Adams, "Boxhead #3," 2014, mixed media. Courtesy of Tilton Gallery, New York.
    Sui Jianguo, "The Blind #14," 2014, bronze. ©Sui Jianguo. Courtesy of L.A. Louver, Venice, CA.
    Charles Long, "Untitled," 2014, patina on bronze. Courtesy of Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York.
    Monika Sosnowska, "Tower," 2014, steel, paint. Photo by Genevieve Hanson. Courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth, New York.



    With materials ranging from heavy metal to clay and wood, current sculpture shows in ADAA galleries offer fresh takes on the monumental, the humble, the human body, and the equine form.

    Monika Sosnowska’s sprawling steel structure at Hauser & Wirth, titled Tower, is based on a classic design by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe—abstracted, disfigured, and bent into a fallen monument. Paula Cooper Gallery is showing Mark di Suvero’s Luney Breakout, a massive abstraction, made of weathered rusting steel, whose gravity-defying lightness belies its weighty construction.

    Bronze is the medium of choice for Deborah Butterfield’s life-size horse sculptures at Danese/Corey—though you wouldn’t immediately know that from looking at the majestic creatures, which appear to be made from driftwood. For Charles Long’s mysterious forms on view at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, the artist used a modified version of the ancient lost wax technique, creating distended bronzes that hover between figuration and abstraction. And at Petzel, the patina of Walead Beshty’s “readymade” copper table and desktops reflect the movements of gallery staff who used them prior to their hanging in the gallery.

    At CRG Gallery, Brazilian artist Efrain Almeida’s subject is himself—all of him, in his diminutive wooden nude self-portraits. Uptown, Tilton Gallery is showing a very different kind of work by Derrick Adams. His faux TV sets, made of faceted wood and mixed-media collage, riff on the bold personalities and exaggerated gestures of black sitcom characters.

    At Anthony Meier Fine Arts in San Francisco, Michael DeLucia is showing eerie reliefs carved in rough-hewn woods often depicting domestic objects like lamps. He made them using a computer-modeling program and then a router to imprint the images onto large panels.

    L.A. Louver offers a wide range of works by Chinese-born artist Sui Jianguo, including wry riffs on the cult of Mao, a monumental bronze inspired by Germany’s black forest, and ceramic works created with bare feet or while blindfolded, so he could engage his materials without preconceptions. He cast the results in bronze.

    See you at the galleries!

    IMAGES FROM TOP: Exhibition view of Mark di Suvero: Luney Breakout 2014. Deborah Butterfield, Josephson, 2013, unique cast bronze with patina. Michael DeLucia, The Motion of the Ocean, 2014, high pressure laminate on plywood. Walead Beshty, Reception 4, 2014, polished copper table top and powder-coated steel. Efrain Almeida, Observador olhando para Baixo, 2014, umburana (wood) and oil. Derrick Adams, Boxhead #3, 2014, mixed media. Sui Jianguo, The Blind #14, 2014, bronze. Charles Long, Untitled, 2014, patina on bronze. Monika Sosnowska, Tower, 2014, steel, paint.

  15. Marco Breuer, “Untitled (C-1466),” 2014, chromogenic paper, embossed/folded/burned/scraped. @yossimilo @the_adaa #visitthegalleries